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Russians form assault units comprising officers in southern Ukraine

Russians form assault units comprising officers in southern Ukraine Assault units of officers are being formed by the Russian Federation in southern Ukraine (facebook com mod mil rus)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Russians are forming assault units of officers in southern Ukraine. The newly appointed Russian General Mikhail Teplinsky issued the order, according to the spokesperson for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Andrii Kovalov.

"The commander of the Russian occupiers of Dnepr, General Teplinsky, issued an order to form assault units from among the officers," he says.

What do we know about these officer assault units?

According to the spokesperson, the main criteria for officers to be recruited to such assault units are their inability to command subordinates, personal indiscipline, and poor motivation.

"These are some kind of shock battalions, modeled after the White Guard units of the 1920s," adds the representative of the General Staff.

Kovalov also adds that General Mikhail Teplinsky, currently the commander of the Russian occupation Dnepr group of troops, is not respected among the Russian Armed Forces.

"In particular, his subordinates say that he does not care about the lives of his personnel. This is a rather mundane and prosaic situation for Russian commanders," he says.

Teplynsky's appointment

Earlier, a new "rotation" of Russian generals in the Kherson sector was reported by the Institute for the Study of War. According to the authors, Russia has probably replaced Colonel General Oleg Makarevich, who led the Dnepr group, with Colonel General Mikhail Teplynsky, commander of the Airborne Forces. Russian media later confirmed this information.