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Russian tactics of shelling Mykolaiv identical to previous attack on Odesa

Russian tactics of shelling Mykolaiv identical to previous attack on Odesa Consequences of the Russian missile strike in Mykolaiv (photo:

In today's missile attack on Mykolaiv, Russian troops used the same tactics as they did in the shelling of Odesa the day before yesterday, March 15. It is a repeat strike at the location of the first one, with a minimal time difference.

The military clarified that on Sunday afternoon, the Russian invaders attacked an infrastructure facility in Mykolaiv with ballistic missiles, firing two missiles, probably Iskander-M, from the temporarily occupied Crimea.

"The tactics are identical to the previous strike on Odesa: after hitting with one missile, they repeated the strike in the same place in a few minutes," the South operational command said.

Consequences of the strike on Mykolaiv

As a result of today's Russian missile attack, residential buildings and civilian vehicles were damaged in the area.

As of now, there are at least 5 wounded locals.

"Relevant emergency services are working on the spot. Other information is being clarified," the military added.

Consequences of the Russian missile strike in Mykolaiv (photo:

Explosions in Mykolaiv

Earlier it was reported that explosions occurred in Mykolaiv on March 17. Later, there were repeated explosions. Local authorities reported that there were two hits in the city.

The Ukrainian Air Force warned of the threat of ballistic missile attacks from the east and south. Air alerts were announced in the east, south, central, and northeastern regions.

Later, local authorities informed that five people had been reported injured in the missile strikes on Mykolaiv.

Missile attack on Odesa on March 15

The day before yesterday, on March 15, Russian occupants launched a missile attack on Odesa. When rescuers and medics arrived at the site of the attack, the Russians struck the city again. The invaders attacked Odesa with Iskander-M ballistic missiles.

The enemy shelling destroyed a three-story building of a recreational facility and damaged at least 10 private houses, a service station, a gas pipeline, ambulances, and the State Emergency Service vehicles.

According to the latest reports, 21 people were killed in the attack, and more than 70 people were injured, including those in serious condition. Among the dead are employees of the State Emergency Service and a doctor.

Following the shelling in Odesa, Ukraine's Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko ordered a detailed analysis of the current emergency response instructions for emergency services and a change in the algorithm of work, if necessary, taking into account the operational situation.