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Russia attacks Mykolaiv with ballistic missiles, casualties reported

Russia attacks Mykolaiv with ballistic missiles, casualties reported Photo: Consequences of the Russian missile strike on Mykolaiv (

Russian occupiers attacked Mykolaiv on March 17 with ballistic weaponry. As a result of the shelling, there are casualties, reports Vitalii Kim, the head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration.

According to him, the Russian military attacked Mykolaiv from the same location as Odesa on Friday, March 15. At that time, over 20 people died as a result of the attack. He adds that there are two installations in that location controlled by the Russians, hence there were two launches.

Kim says that the occupiers struck Mykolaiv with ballistic missiles.

Preliminary data indicates that two people were injured as a result of the strike on Mykolaiv, and their condition is of moderate severity.


Vitalii Kim reports that the number of victims has increased to four.

According to the Mayor of Mykolaiv Oleksandr Sienkevych, many private houses, including windows and roofs, were damaged as a result of the enemy attack.

"Windows blew out in apartments as well. Cars were damaged," he said.

He adds that, as of now, five victims are known, while more accurate figures "will be announced after we investigate the area of hits."

Photo of the consequences

Later, the local media News N and the State Emergency Service published footage from the scene.

Consequences of the attack (News N)

As emergency workers noted, as a result of today's rocket strike on Mykolaiv, residential buildings were damaged. Three cars were damaged, one of which caught fire.

"The police team found an injured girl with shrapnel wounds, who was given first-aid on the spot and was later hospitalized," the State Emergency Service reported.

The rescuers add they are working to eliminate the consequences of the shelling.

Consequences of the Russian missile strike on Mykolaiv (

Explosions in Mykolaiv

Explosions rocked Mykolaiv today. Later, there were repeated explosions. Local authorities reported that there were two hits.

The Ukrainian Air Force warned of the threat of ballistic strikes from the east and south. Air alarms were sounded in the east, south, as well as in central and northeastern regions.

Strike on Odesa

On Friday, March 15, Russian occupiers launched a missile strike on Odesa. After rescuers and medics arrived at the scene, the Russian troops struck the city again.

As known, the occupiers attacked Odesa with Iskander-M ballistic missiles.

A three-story building of a recreational facility was destroyed in the city, and at least 10 private houses, a service station, a gas pipeline, ambulances, and the State Emergency Service vehicles were damaged.

According to the latest data, 75 people were injured as a result of the attack, and 21 people died. Among the victims were rescuers, a medic, and a police officer.