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Russian students expelled for refusing to work at defense plants

Russian students expelled for refusing to work at defense plants Photo: Russian students are forced to make drones for the war against Ukraine (Getty Images)

Students of the Baltic State Technical University Voenmeh are sent to military enterprises as an educational practice. If they refuse, they are expelled from the university, according to the Center for National Resistance (CNR).

Before undergoing such “practice,” students are forced to sign an employment contract and documents for access to state secrets. They have to fill out a questionnaire with their personal data, type of activity, marital status, travels abroad, and information about their closest relatives.

They are not informed about what they will have to do at military enterprises. However, according to the stories of their predecessors, children already understand that it will be the assembly of drones and other military equipment to strengthen the army in the war against Ukraine.

“You can't refuse the 'practice'. If a student refuses, he or she will be expelled for 'practice debt',” the CNS reports.

It is noted that according to the Kremlin's plan, each region of the Russian Federation will receive about 301 million rubles to purchase equipment for lessons on the development, production, and operation of FPV drones in schools.

The use of children in the war against Ukraine

Recently, the Kremlin has intensified ideological, technical, and combat training of young people, schoolchildren and students for the war against Ukraine and the collective West.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has caught up with the aggressor state in terms of production of kamikaze drones.