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Russian special services prepare new terrorist attack to blame Ukrainian partisans

Russian special services prepare new terrorist attack to blame Ukrainian partisans The special services of the Russian Federation prepare a terrorist attack to blame Ukraine (photo: instagram/com.fsb_rossii_official)

Representatives of Russian special services are attempting to organize another terrorist act. The goal of the provocation will be to further attempt to shift responsibility for it onto Ukrainian partisans and underground members, according to the Crimean resistance movement ATESH.

It is noted that recently the coordinators of this movement have been regularly receiving messages from representatives of the Russian special services posing as local activists.

"They propose to carry out diversions in places of mass gatherings of civilians," the underground members said.

Goal of the provocation and preparation

The movement points out that the special services of the aggressor country are preparing a terrorist act and will try to blame ATESH for it. This is indicated, in particular, by a low level of indicators and an obvious systematic campaign against our movement.

Moscow wants to mobilize as many Russians as possible with this provocation, who will seek revenge for the Ukrainian terrorist attacks, the Resistance Forces add.

"They have already created numerous fake Ateşh accounts, falsified dialogues with our coordinators, and provoked our supporters to commit terrorist acts," the underground members report.

How to recognize fake addresses

The movement also pointed out that the fake accounts are almost identical to their previous coordinators', but with an additional s at the end.

"Reminder! We are working exclusively against the occupiers. The modern Chekists are ready for any crime. Remember who your enemy is and do not forget that we are fighting for common freedom!" - the partisans emphasize.

Terrorist attack near Moscow and Kremlin's attempts to shift the blame onto Ukraine

On March 22, in the Russian town of Krasnogorsk, in the Moscow region, several armed men opened fire in the Crocus City Hall. That same evening, hints began to emerge in the Kremlin that the Ukrainian side could be involved in the terrorist act.

The responsibility for the terrorist act was claimed by the group Islamic State. The US and a number of other Western countries confirmed the information about ISIS's involvement and rejected any involvement by Ukraine. Additionally, the US State Department believes that Russia is trying to justify its war against Ukraine through the terrorist act. It has also become known that Iran also warned the Kremlin about the danger of Islamist attacks.

In the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the terrorist act near Moscow was called a planned and deliberate provocation by Russian special services at the direction of dictator Vladimir Putin.

It should be noted that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy strongly reacted to the attempts by the Russian side, including Putin, to shift the responsibility for yesterday's terrorist act at the Crocus City Hall shopping center onto Ukraine.

On March 22, the Russian Foreign Ministry officially announced the alleged involvement of Ukraine in the terrorist act at the shopping center near Moscow and demanded the arrest of Vasyl Maliuk, the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine. The SSU called this statement worthless.

Meanwhile, yesterday in the Kremlin, there were also suggestions about the possibility of Paris' involvement in the terrorist act at Crocus. French President Emmanuel Macron stated that such comments from the Russian side were indeed strange and threatening, which is nothing new.