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Russian shelling of Pavlohrad: Casualties significantly increase

Russian shelling of Pavlohrad: Casualties significantly increase The number of wounded near Pavlohrad after the missile attack on December 8 has risen to 8 (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The number of people wounded in a missile attack in Pavlohrad district, Dnipro region, on December 8 has increased to 8, according to Serhii Lysak, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration.

"According to the updated information, 8 people were injured in Pavlohrad due to a rocket attack. These are men aged 32 to 66," he writes.

According to him, two of them will recover at home, the rest - in hospital.

"Two of the wounded are still in serious condition. Psychological assistance was provided to 13 residents. In addition to Pavlohrad, Ternivka, and Yurivka communities, the Mezhyritska community is also damaged," notes Lysak.

In total, according to the head of the RMA, more than 20 residential buildings and 9 outbuildings were damaged, as well as a gymnasium. Power lines were also damaged.

Shelling of Pavlohrad district

On the morning of December 8, after attacking Kharkiv with drones and missiles the night before, Russian troops fired missiles at Ukraine from strategic aviation aircraft, using 7 Tu-95s. The occupiers launched 19 missiles, 14 of which were shot down.

During the strike in the Pavlohrad district of the Dnipropetrovsk region, an enterprise was damaged, and a church was hit. Initially, it was reported that one person was killed and four others were wounded. Read more about the consequences of the massive attack in Ukraine in RBC-Ukraine's report.