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Russian missile attack on Kyiv region: Wounded civilians and damaged private houses

Russian missile attack on Kyiv region: Wounded civilians and damaged private houses Consequences of Russian missiles hitting Kyiv region (
Author: Maria Kholina

At least two individuals have been reported injured in the Kyiv region in a devastating missile attack launched by Russia today. Civilian infrastructure has been significantly damaged as well, according to the Prosecutor General's Office.

On the morning of March 21, the armed forces of the Russian Federation launched missiles targeting the territory of the Kyiv region.

As a result of the hostile shelling, two individuals sustained shrapnel injuries. Information regarding the casualties is currently being clarified.

"Debris from enemy aerial targets damaged private residences, agricultural structures, and vehicles in several areas of the region," the statement reads.

Authorities have reported fires breaking out at the impact sites of the debris, which emergency responders from the State Emergency Service have managed to contain.

Currently, prosecutors, investigators, and expert services are documenting the aftermath of yet another attack by the aggressor country.

"Under the procedural guidance of the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor's Office, pre-trial investigations have been launched into criminal proceedings concerning violations of laws and customs of war," the Prosecutor General's Office informs.

Russian missile attack on the morning of March 21

Russia launched a missile attack on Ukraine in the early hours of March 21, targeting Kyiv. Occupying forces fired 31 missiles - 29 cruise missiles Kh-101/Kh-555, as well as Iskander-M and Kinzhal missiles. All missiles were destroyed in the Kyiv region.

However, falling debris from the downed missiles caused damage and fires in Kyiv. Residential buildings, kindergartens, and vehicles were affacted as well.

12 people have been reported injured as a result of the enemy strike, with two of them hospitalized.

For more details on the aftermath of the attack on Kyiv, see the report by RBC-Ukraine.