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Russian hacker group earned over $100 million through extortion, Reuters

Russian hacker group earned over $100 million through extortion, Reuters A Russian hacker gang earned over $100 million through extortion (Illustrative Photo: GettyImages)

A new cybercriminal group, associated with Russia, has earned over $100 million through cyber extortion in the span of a year. They have employed methods similar to those used by a well-known Russian cyber gang, according to Reuters.

A new hacking group, likely linked to the Russian hacking group "Conti," has reportedly earned over $100 million in cyber ransom in a year. This information is outlined in a report by researchers published on Wednesday.

According to a joint report from digital currency tracking services, the cybercriminal group "Black Bastion" has generated at least $107 million through cyber ransom. The majority of ransom payments received by the group were laundered through the Russian cryptocurrency exchange Garantex, which is under sanctions.

The report from the services also indicates that they have found evidence of a connection between "Black Bastion" and the non-existent Russian group Conti.

The Extortion Group "Conti"

A Russian hacking group involved in cyber extortion. First identified in 2020, it quickly became one of the most active and profitable extortion groups in the world.

Conti utilized aggressive methods to obtain ransom. In some cases, its members threatened to publish stolen data of victims if they didn't pay the ransom.

The group maintained connections with the Russian government.

Russian Hacker Attacks

Previously, we reported that Russian hackers targeted seven European governments. This hacking group is associated with Russian intelligence.

We also informed that the U.S. Department of the Treasury disclosed the number of attacks by Russian hackers on Ukrainian infrastructure.

It has been revealed that Russian hackers conducted a cyberattack on Ukraine's energy system last year, coinciding with the widespread shelling by Russian forces.