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Russian attack on Lviv aftermath: Damaged buildings, casualties reported

Russian attack on Lviv aftermath: Damaged buildings, casualties reported Russians attacked Lviv on December 29 (t-me-dsns_telegram)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

On December 29, Lviv was attacked by Russian terrorists. The city's high-rise buildings and critical infrastructure were damaged, and there was a casualty.

Sources used: Lviv Mayor Andrii Sadovyi, Lviv Regional Military Administration head Maksym Kozytskyi, and the Ukrainian Air Force.

The first attack

Lviv was attacked twice today by Russians. At night there was a strike by Shahed. Air defense was operating in the Yavoriv district, and explosions were heard in Lviv due to air defense.

Later, Sadovyi said that more than 10 Shaheds attacked the Lviv region. The attack caused a fire at a critical infrastructure facility in Lviv. There were no other details.

The second wave

Early in the morning, there were repeated explosions in Lviv. According to residents, it was very loud in the city.

The Air Force warned of Russian missiles moving toward western Ukraine.

Later, local authorities reported a hit on an apartment building, tentatively on Khotkevych Street. It is known that the blast wave damaged other buildings, including high-rise buildings.

In addition, a fire broke out in a lyceum in Lviv as a result of a rocket attack. Three schools and a kindergarten were damaged.

According to the latest reports, one person was killed and eight people were injured as a result of the missile attack on Lviv. All of them are in moderate condition.

"At the time of the missile attack, people were in their homes. Most of them were injured by shrapnel from windows that were blown out by the blast wave," said Maksym Kozytskyi.

Photo: consequences of the missile attack on Lviv on December 29 (


The mayor of Lviv reported on the consequences of the missile strike. According to him, one victim is in a rather difficult condition. In total, 10 high-rise buildings in the city were damaged.

According to Sadovyi, one of the schools in Lviv was heavily damaged. Windows and doors were smashed. In his opinion, it will take at least a month to repair.