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Russian army using new drone that autonomously identifies targets, ISW

Russian army using new drone that autonomously identifies targets, ISW Illustrative photo: The Russian army has begun using the improved drone Lancet (mil in ua)

Occupying forces have begun using a new version of a kamikaze drone Lancet on the front, according to analysts from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The ISW informs that the Russians began using the drone Izdeliye-53 on October 21. Sources claim that the drone supposedly has an automatic guidance system that can distinguish between target types and increase the chances of a successful strike.

As of now, the occupiers are not using Izdelie-53 on a large scale, but the Russians are testing these drones for mass synchronized swarm attacks.

Analysts note, "The payload of the Izdeliye-53 drones, which is reportedly between three and five kilograms, may not be sufficient to significantly damage most critical military targets."

New Russian drones

Iran has upgraded the kamikaze drone Shahed-136, which Russia has used to attack Ukraine. The updated version features a turbojet engine and is likely to be quieter, not emitting the same noise as a moped.

Recently, Russia launched an attack on the Kyiv region with an unidentified drone, which was successfully shot down. Yurii Ihnat, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force, stated that the wreckage indicates that the enemy is purchasing drone engines on AliExpress.

In previous reports, the ISW suggested that the occupiers, during their attack on the Kyiv region, used new drones called Italmas and their derivatives for the first time in Ukraine.

For more details on where these new Russian drones come from and how they differ from Shahed, refer to the RBC-Ukraine article.