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Russian army shells power engineers in Sumy region with artillery

Russian army shells power engineers in Sumy region with artillery Photo: Occupiers shelled a group of energy workers in Sumy region with artillery (

Today, on April 9, the Russian army launched an artillery attack on the village of Bachivsk in Sumy region. A group of power engineers was hit during the shelling, states the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

The Ministry noted that Sumyoblenergo's maintenance crew came under artillery shelling from the Russian border.

"Five employees went to repair a power line damaged as a result of the Russian military aggression at a distance of about 3.5 km from the border with the aggressor country," the Ministry of Energy reports.

Окупанти з артилерії обстріляли групу енергетиків у Сумській області

Screenshot: Bachivsk (

All necessary permits for the restoration work were obtained from the military and local authorities. None of the energy workers were injured, but the crew's vehicle was severely damaged.

Russian forces shell Ukrainian settlements

Today, the occupiers attacked Kostiantynivka in the Donetsk region. One person was killed, and three others were wounded.

The enemy also attacked Kharkiv, where the occupiers hit an enterprise. As a result, three people were injured.

It was recently reported that Russian forces attacked the industrial zone of Sloviansk twice. Two people were injured. Later it became known about another wounded person.