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Russian army launches Shaheds on Ukraine: Threat zones

Russian army launches Shaheds on Ukraine: Threat zones Photo: Alert sounds in several regions in Ukraine due to drone attacks (RBC-Ukraine collage)

On the night of May 9, an air raid alert was declared in several regions across Ukraine. The reason for this is, in particular, the detection of the movement of enemy Shahed-type attack drones, Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports.

The military noted that Russian troops launched kamikaze drones in the south of the country. The enemy air targets are moving towards the Odesa region.

“Movement of the Shahed-type UAVs from the Black Sea towards the south of Odesa region!” reads the announcement of the air force at 00:21.

The authorities of the Odesa region called on residents to stay in shelters and remember the rule of two walls.

Earlier, the military warned of the threat of the enemy using ballistic weapons to strike at the Dnipro region. However, they later called it quits.

At 1 a.m., the Air Force Command stated that a threat of ballistic missile attacks from the east was being detected.

The work of air defense

It also became known about the work of air defense forces and means in the Odesa region, as reported by the local publics.

Where the alert is now in place in Ukraine:

Russian army launches Shaheds on Ukraine: Threat zones

Russian air strikes in Ukraine

The Russian troops regularly carry out air strikes on Ukrainian cities and towns, often using kamikaze drones and missile weapons of various types.

Thus, last night, namely on May 8, the Day of Remembrance and Victory over Nazism in World War II, the invaders launched a massive combined attack, firing more than 70 missiles and Shaheds at Ukraine. At that time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine's air defense system destroyed 39 missiles and 20 enemy drones.

Ukrainian energy facilities in six regions came under Russian attack again.