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Russian agents work more actively in Europe: Bloomberg describes concerns of EU officials

Russian agents work more actively in Europe: Bloomberg describes concerns of EU officials Archive photo: Russian agents are more active in Europe (Getty Images)

Russian military intelligence has become more active in European countries. To carry out sabotage operations, the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Russian Federation recruits young people through the internet, reports Bloomberg.

Bloomberg states that European countries are recommended to take preventive measures against the increased risk of violence from Russian-backed agents.

"The hand of the GRU military intelligence service is likely behind a series of ever-more overt, frequent and coordinated incidents across the continent," anonymous sources among European officials told the source.

At the same time, governments of various countries are trying to combat the growing threats of sabotage and intimidation financed by Russia, ahead of next month's European Parliament elections. One high-ranking official assessed the Kremlin's audacity and concluded that Russia is no longer concerned whether its agents are caught in the act of committing a crime or not.

Europe must show Russia that there will be consequences

Another Euro-official reported that several incidents in Europe were part of GRU's operation, with sabotage occurring in different capitals.

According to him, the focus of the reaction is on the activity that has already occurred, rather than the threat of future activity.

Additionally, Europe must demonstrate to Russia that the West knows what it is doing, and there are consequences for it.

Russia wants to disrupt aid to Ukraine

"In their aggressiveness, methods and scope, the Russian-backed actions represent a new threat emanating from the Kremlin," writes Bloomberg.

Official figures in Europe note that the recent wave of attacks shares common features, often involving local residents, mostly recruited via the internet. One official is confident that these acts of sabotage are approved at the highest level in Moscow.

"Russia has a deliberate strategy of sabotaging aid to Ukraine across Europe, recruiting locals to help their efforts," added another official.

Russia is preparing diversions in Europe

Recently, the Financial Times reported that European intelligence agencies have warned of Russia's plans to prepare diversions across Europe. According to intelligence reports, Moscow is not concerned about potential civilian casualties.

Later, Finnish intelligence services reported that Russia is attempting to influence Western countries, and their country is not immune to such actions.