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Special services warn of Russian sabotage across Europe - FT

Special services warn of Russian sabotage across Europe - FT Photo: Intelligence warns Russia is plotting sabotage across Europe (Getty Images)

European intelligence services have warned that Russia is preparing violent sabotage across Europe. According to intelligence reports, Moscow is not concerned about potential civilian casualties, reports the Financial Times.

Representatives of intelligence have informed the publication that Russia has begun to prepare more actively for covert explosions, arson, and damage to infrastructure across European territory. Sabotage operations are being prepared directly by Russia and with the involvement of intermediaries.

According to assessments from three different European countries, there is increasing evidence of more aggressive and coordinated efforts by Russia to carry out sabotage in Europe.

"We assess the risk of state-controlled acts of sabotage to be significantly increased... Russia now seems comfortable carrying out operations on European soil [with] a high potential for damage," said Thomas Haldenwang, head of Germany's domestic intelligence, last month.

It is noted that Haldenwang made his statement several days after two German-Russian citizens were arrested in Bavaria for conspiracy to attack military and logistical facilities in Germany.

At the end of April, two men in the UK were charged with arson at a warehouse containing aid supplies for Ukraine. The prosecution accused Russia of involvement.

In Sweden, incidents of train derailments, which could be acts of sabotage, are under investigation. Financial Times recalled that Russia attempted to destroy signaling systems in the Czech Republic last month.

Additionally, in Estonia, Russian special services attacked the car of the Minister of Internal Affairs and journalists in February, while the French Ministry of Defense warned of possible Russian sabotage at military facilities.

A senior European government official stated that NATO security services are providing information on "clear and compelling Russian tactics" that are coordinated and extensive.

Russian saboteurs in Germany

Recall that on April 18, two Russian saboteurs were detained in Germany. Law enforcement suspects them of planning attacks on military facilities, including US facilities.

German media reported that allegedly the saboteurs intended to attack the Grafenwöhr base, where Ukrainian military personnel train on American Abrams tanks.

Also, according to the media, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian ambassador to the carpet over the saboteur incident.