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Russia takes winter break from maritime activities, perhaps awaiting frost

Russia takes winter break from maritime activities, perhaps awaiting frost Photo: Spokesperson of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine Natalia Humenyuk (Getty Images)

The Russian fleet in the Black and Azov Seas is not as active as last winter. Perhaps the occupiers are waiting for more severe frost, reports the spokesperson for the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, Natalia Humenyuk, during a televised marathon.

"Last December, they were a bit more active at sea. But they may just be accumulating this potential and using it even from the distance they are currently pushed back. Because sea-based Kalibr missiles can launch up to a distance of 2.5 thousand kilometers," she said.

However, Humenyuk emphasized that the threat remains as the missile carriers are armed and can be employed.

"It's quite likely that they are expecting a strengthening of frost," the spokesperson speculated.

She also added that as of the morning of December 17, there are no missile carriers in the Black and Azov Seas; they have not been on combat duty for several weeks.

"Moreover, enemy ships are quite significantly pressed towards historical Russia, towards those shores, gravitating towards Novorossiysk. In the zone they previously patrolled, to the north, west, they do not dare to venture out," Humeniuk said.

Russian blockade of the sea

It is worth noting that Russia uses the Black and Azov Seas for its military purposes. Currently, the Azov Sea is entirely under Russian control.

Russia's dominance in the Black Sea was reduced after the liberation of Snake Island. After Moscow's exit from the "grain deal," civilian navigation was again under threat. However, in recent months, Ukrainian grain-carrying civilian ships have managed to break through the Russian blockade of the Black Sea.

Recently, the Russians launched a missile strike against a ship entering the port of the Odessa region. It is known that the occupiers fired an anti-radiation missile X-31P. The ship under the flag of Liberia was civilian and heading to a Ukrainian port for loading. It was supposed to deliver iron ore to China.