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Russia strikes Kharkiv and region: Buildings destroyed, casualties reported

Russia strikes Kharkiv and region: Buildings destroyed, casualties reported Photo: An explosion was reported in Kharkiv on May 1 (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

On Wednesday, May 1, an explosion occurred in Kharkiv, and later a strike was reported. In addition, the Russians attacked Zolochiv, killing and wounding civilians, according to Kharkiv mayor Igor Terekhov and Kharkiv Regional Military Administration head Oleh Syniehubov.

“An explosion was heard in the city,” Terekhov says.

According to Terekhov, there is a threat of repeated strikes.

“Be careful,” the mayor warns.

Russian shelling of Kharkiv aftermath

As Terekhov later clarified, according to preliminary information, Russians struck a private house on the outskirts of the city.

“The number of casualties and damage is being clarified,” he adds.

Later, a detailed inspection of the arrival site revealed damage to ten private households.

“At the moment, there are no killed or wounded,” Terekhov adds.

Russian shelling of Zolochiv

In addition, on May 1, Russian troops shelled Zolochiv, Kharkiv region. Two people were killed.

“Today at 10:00 a.m. Russians struck a car and a private house in Zolochiv village of Bohodukhiv district with multiple rocket launchers,” says Syniehubov.

A civilian man and a woman who were in the car were killed as a result of the shelling.

“Three more fires broke out near the hit point - a 77-year-old man and a 74-year-old woman were injured,” adds the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration head.

In addition, at 10:30 a.m. there were three hostile attacks by UAVs between Lyptsi and Vesele. Lyptsi and Vesele village. No one was injured.

Russian shelling of Kharkiv

Russian troops are constantly shelling Kharkiv, not only with missiles but also with guided aerial bombs.

For example, on April 30, the Russians used the D30-SN UMPBM to strike the city. Strikes were recorded in two districts. One person was killed and 4 wounded.