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Russia starts strengthening borders after volunteer raids: Intelligence details

Russia starts strengthening borders after volunteer raids: Intelligence details Russia starts strengthening borders after volunteer raids (photo: Getty Images)

Russia began to strengthen its borders after the raids by volunteers. In particular, the occupiers began training recruits and preparing fortifications, states the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to the DIU, the aggressor state intensified measures to strengthen sections of the Russian border in Belgorod, Kursk, and Bryansk regions after raids by the Siberian Battalion, the Russian Volunteer Corps, and the Freedom of Russia Legion.

The personnel of the Kursk, Bryansk, and Belgorod groups of Russian troops are being trained to detect and combat sabotage and reconnaissance groups, conduct assault operations in urban areas, and protect and defend critical infrastructure.

The occupiers are training new recruits to strengthen the Russian border regions, in particular, in occupied Mariupol and other occupied cities of Ukraine.

The enemy is also strengthening, improving, and camouflaging fortifications in the Belgorod, Kursk, and Bryansk regions and is trying to increase the number of anti-drone, electronic warfare, and air defense systems there.

In particular, units of the enemy's 5th anti-aircraft missile brigade, which is currently located in the occupied territory of Luhansk region, are planned to be relocated to Kursk region.

In addition, Russian engineering units are expanding the number of minefields in the border regions.

Reaction of local Russians

The DIU reports that the local population of these regions is increasingly dissatisfied with the actions of municipal officials, the Kremlin and Russian propagandists, who recommend that residents of the border area "endure" and mourn for the Russians killed in the terrorist attack in the Moscow region.

Raid by Russian volunteers

The Russian Volunteer Corps, together with two other units, broke through the border with Russia on March 12 and took control of several settlements, particularly in Belgorod and Kursk regions.

Recently, the Siberian Battalion reported that it had entered the village of Gorkovsky in Belgorod Oblast. The fighters seized the local administration building. Later, the volunteers claimed to be in full control of the village.

In addition, Russian volunteers announced attacks on Belgorod and Kursk. They said they would hit Russian military positions, so civilians were urged to evacuate.

Recently, the volunteers announced that their ultimate goal of the operations is to eliminate the Putin regime in Russia. The primary task is to help Ukrainian troops.

Terrorist attack near Moscow

On March 22, unidentified gunmen broke into the Crocus City Hall shopping center near Moscow. The terrorists shot Russians and set fire to the exits to block them.

Later, Biden called Russian attempts to link Ukraine and the terrorist attack near Moscow Kremlin propaganda. White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby said that "there was no connection to Ukraine."

In addition, Moscow is trying to tie the West to the organization of a series of "terrorist attacks" against Russia. According to the Institute for the Study of War, the Kremlin's main goal is to strengthen domestic support for the war against Ukraine.