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Russia reports downing of two drones near Moscow

Russia reports downing of two drones near Moscow Photo: Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin (Russian mass media)

Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin announced that two drones flying towards the capital were shot down in the Moscow region, according to the Telegram channel of the Mayor.

"Today, with the efforts of the Air Defense Forces of the Ministry of Defense in the Domodedovo city district, an attack by two drones flying towards Moscow was repelled. According to preliminary data, there are no damages or casualties at the crash site. Emergency services specialists are working at the scene," Sobyanin reported.

The distance from Domodedovo to the center of Moscow is 46.4 km.

Attacks by drones in Russia

Earlier, we reported that drones attacked an oil refinery in the Krasnodar Krai of the Russian Federation, resulting in a fire.

A day earlier, drones allegedly were shot down in Kursk. Residents of the city heard explosions, and the authorities claimed the operation of air defense systems.

Early in the morning of March 13, drones attacked an oil refinery in Ryazan, resulting in a fire.

On that same night, explosions were heard by residents of three Russian regions. Drones targeted the regions, resulting in damage and casualties.