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Russia launches dozens of drones in Ukraine, air defense systems working

Russia launches dozens of drones in Ukraine, air defense systems working Ukrainian soldier (photo: Getty Images)

The Russian Federation has launched several dozen attack drones into Ukraine. Air alert has been declared in a number of regions, and air defense forces are operating, reports the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"Several dozen enemy attack drones in Ukrainian airspace! Air defense is working!" the message reads.

Where the drones are flying

The military spoke about the directions of the attack UAVs:

  • UAVs in Kherson region (Vysokopil district), heading northwest.
  • UAV in the western part of the Dnipro region, heading west (Kropyvnytskyi).
  • UAV in the northern part of Zaporizhzhia region, heading west/northwest.
  • UAV in Pavlohrad district of Dnipro region, heading northwest.
  • UAV in Pervomaisk district, Kharkiv region, heading northwest.

Air alerts

The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces noted that air raid alerts may spread in the direction of drone movement. People are urged to stay in shelters in case of danger from the air.

Shelling of Ukraine on New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve, Russian troops used a record number of Shahed-type attack drones - 90 units - to attack Ukraine. The Ukrainian Air Force said that it managed to shoot down 87 drones.

However, the attack still caused destruction and casualties. In particular, a teenager was killed in Odesa, and in Lviv, the Roman Shukhevych Museum burned to the ground, and the university where Stepan Bandera studied caught fire.

In addition, the Russian invaders fired four S-300 anti-aircraft guided missiles at the Kharkiv region.

Read more about the consequences of the massive attack by the Shaheds on New Year's Eve in RBC-Ukraine's article.