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Russia hides aviation in Taganrog after ATACMS strike, satellite images

Russia hides aviation in Taganrog after ATACMS strike, satellite images ATACMS (Getty Images)

The Russian military concentrated their aviation at the Taganrog base after the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck their base in Berdiansk with ATACMS, according to military analyst Brady Africk.

21 helicopters of the Ka-52 and Mi-8 types have been relocated in Taganrog. These are remnants of the Russian aviation that were previously stationed in Berdiansk.

"Recent imagery of Russia's Taganrog air base shows several helicopters and large aircraft alongside vehicles and equipment. This base is one of several used by Russian aircraft operating over Ukraine," Africk wrote.

According to, the images indicate a number of helicopters at the Taganrog base, which was previously used as a site for Su-25SM3 aircraft. It is not yet known whether they were transported by air or by ground transport.

Presumably, the Russians now want to use Taganrog not only as a new takeoff site for attack helicopters but also as a transit point to repair their aviation in case of new ATACMS strikes.

ATACMS for Ukraine

A few weeks ago, the Ukrainian military struck the occupiers' airfields in Luhansk and Berdiansk. Information appeared in the media that the Ukrainian Armed Forces used American long-range ATACMS missiles, provided in limited quantities.

Later, the U.S. confirmed this information, specifying that the rockets have a range of up to 165 kilometers.

Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, stated that the supply of ATACMS to Ukraine would be on a regular basis.