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Russia expands its military influence in Africa - Bundeswehr General

Russia expands its military influence in Africa - Bundeswehr General Commander of the Bundeswehr Operational Command Bernd Schütt (
Author: Maria Kholina

Germany warns of Russia's growing military influence in African states, according to the commander of the operational command of the Bundeswehr, Bernd Schütt.

According to him, after military coups in West Africa in recent years, Russia has gradually expanded its influence, replacing the participation of Western and European states.

He said that Russian presence forms a belt that could stretch from the Atlantic to the Red Sea.

"Russia is showing military activity in Burkina Faso and Mali. There are signs of military cooperation emerging in Niger. Political meetings are taking place in Chad. We do not yet know how events will unfold in Sudan. Russian troops have been actively operating in Libya since 2016," said the Bundeswehr general.

In his opinion, Russia's main intention is to "fill the gaps associated with security policy."

"The goal is not to overturn the situation with one big blow, but to consistently change it in its favor and push back Western influence. Which is why Russia immediately and purposefully exploits the corresponding vacuum," he said.

Schütt emphasized that Russia's military involvement is not aimed at being a steadfast presence in the Western sense but rather aimed at eliminating the noticeable gap in Western participation in the affairs of these countries.

Relations between Russia and African countries

Earlier, the Institute for the Study of War reported that Russia plans to sign agreements on military cooperation with several African countries.

In November, Bloomberg reported that Russia would start sending free grain shipments to Africa to give a new impetus to Russia's desire to strengthen its influence on the continent.

The National Resistance Center also reported that Russian occupiers are preparing an expedition to Africa to search for and train mercenaries to participate in the war against Ukraine.