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Russia drops FAB-500 on Kharkiv again: Aftermath report

Russia drops FAB-500 on Kharkiv again: Aftermath report Strike on Kharkiv aftermath (photo:

On Sunday afternoon, June 30, Russia dropped a FAB-500 bomb on the city of Kharkiv. This is the second time the Russians have used this bomb to shell the city.

According to the Kharkiv prosecutor's office, preliminary data indicate that the Russians dropped an FAB-500 on the city, as evidenced by the wreckage that has already been collected at the scene.

According to the State Emergency Service, the strike caused a fire in an area of 200 square meters. Eight trucks were on fire, and another 6 trucks, 3 industrial and warehouse buildings, and a medical facility were damaged.

The strike destroyed the Nova Poshta postal terminal.

Strike on Kharkiv aftermath (photo:

Strikes in Kharkiv

This afternoon, June 30, an explosion occurred in Kharkiv. According to the mayor of the city, Ihor Terekhov, the Russians hit a civilian enterprise with a guided aerial bomb almost in the center of Kharkiv.

Later it became known that the Nova Poshta terminal came under Russian fire today.

On Thursday, June 27, Russian troops launched an air strike on the Kyivskyi district of Kharkiv. Five people were injured in the strike, and private houses, university buildings and dormitories, as well as the building of the State Emergency Service, were damaged.

The prosecutor's office said that it was the first time the Russians attacked the city with an FAB-500 with a planning and correction module.