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Russia deploys two more missile carriers to Black Sea: What's missile count?

Russia deploys two more missile carriers to Black Sea: What's missile count? Photo: Russia took four Kalibr missile carriers to the Black Sea (video screenshot)

Russia has deployed an additional two carriers of cruise missiles of the Kalibr type to the Black Sea. The number of missile carriers has increased to four, according to Armed Forces of Southern Ukraine.

It is noted that the adversary has increased its naval grouping in the Black Sea to 11 units, deploying additional carriers of cruise missiles.

The Southern Defense Forces report that there are two surface and two submarine missile carriers in the sea. The combined salvo of Kalibr missiles can reach up to 24 missiles.

"The level of missile threat is extremely high! Be attentive to air alarm signals, react promptly," the statement says.

Natalia Humeniuk, the spokesperson for the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, reported that in the morning, there were two submarine missile carriers in the Black Sea, and the surface missile carriers were brought to their bases at night.

Russia seized the sea

It is worth mentioning that Russia utilizes the Black and Azov Seas for its military purposes. Currently, the Azov Sea is entirely under the control of the Russian Federation.

Vice Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy, stated in an interview with the British publication Sky News that the Ukrainian fleet needs military ships, and Ukraine would gladly accept British frigates that the Royal Navy might "decommission."

Neizhpapa also mentioned that Ukraine would win the war faster if granted permission to strike Russia with British and other Western weapons.