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Russia could sink six ships near Crimean bridge: satellite images

Russia could sink six ships near Crimean bridge: satellite images Illustrative photo: Russia may have sunk six ships near the Crimean bridge (Getty Images)

Russia could sink six ships near the Crimean bridge as a so-called "defensive response" to the drone attacks, according to Sky News.

Satellite images taken on August 19 show no objects in the water south of the bridge, but on August 21, two vessels appear.

Two days later, on August 23, another vessel is visible on the surface of the water.

However, on August 26, six objects appeared in the same locations, about 30 meters long, but of a darker color, which experts believe could mean they have sunk and are underwater.

Security and defence analyst Michael Clarke says the use of "block ships" - which are vessels sunk in a strategic place to form a physical barrier - is a "very common" defence strategy, but noted it is the first time we've seen Russia use it since its invasion of Ukraine last February.

"This is a large area so you'd need to have a series of ships, then some sort of barrier in between it, it could be chains or steel nets, to stop anything getting through."

He said it's "probably the best way for Russia to prevent sea drone attacks", but added: "The Ukrainians have developed a clever new technology and Russia is responding with a 200-year-old strategy of sinking ships in front of it, it's an old response to a new threat."

What preceded it

On August 22, Ukrainian intelligence reported that Russia was planning to sink at least six boats near the bridge to create a "protective strip" in front of it.

It was reported that Russia wants to install barriers between the flooded ferries to protect the bridge from damage.

Attacks on the Crimean bridge

It should be noted that the Crimean bridge, which was built illegally by the occupiers, has been attacked twice.

In October 2022, powerful explosions occurred on it, causing significant damage. The head of the SSU, Vasyl Maliuk, recently confirmed that it was a special operation by his service.

Another attack on the Crimean Bridge took place in July of this year. Two spans were destroyed. The Russians plan to repair the bridge no earlier than November.

Maliuk also confirmed the SBU's involvement in this attack. He noted that it was organized with the help of Sea Baby drones.