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Russia claims depleted uranium projectiles cause cancer - Pentagon's response

Russia claims depleted uranium projectiles cause cancer - Pentagon's response Photo: Pentagon representative Sabrina Singh (flickr com)

The Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov claimed that munitions with depleted uranium would allegedly cause a surge in oncological diseases. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that these munitions can cause cancer, according to Pentagon representative Sabrina Singh.

She stated that such statements from the Kremlin are erroneous because there is medical evidence refuting this claim.

"The World Health Organization reports that there has been no increase of leukemia or other cancers and - that have been established following any exposure to uranium or D.U. And even the IAEA has stated unequivocally that there is no proven link between D.U. exposure and increases in cancers or significant health or environmental impacts," said Singh.

She noted that these projectiles would help target Russian tanks, and many militaries worldwide use depleted uranium.

"So we feel that these will be the most effective rounds to counter Russian tanks, and will help continue - will help the Ukrainians to defend their - the battlefield - to defend their territory," added the Pentagon spokesperson.

The transfer of depleted uranium projectiles to Ukraine

The United Kingdom announced the transfer of depleted uranium projectiles to Ukraine on March 21. At that time, the UK mentioned that they would be transferred along with a squadron of main battle tanks, Challenger 2.

Initially, the Pentagon stated that they would not follow the UK's example and provide Ukraine with such ammunition. However, in June, it became known that after several weeks of internal debates on how to equip the Abrams tanks that the United States was supplying to Kyiv, the White House was ready to supply Ukraine with depleted uranium projectiles.

On September 6, the United States officially announced the delivery of depleted uranium projectiles to Ukraine.