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Russia and China send patrol fleet to US, largest in history - WSJ

Russia and China send patrol fleet to US, largest in history - WSJ Russia, China send patrol fleet to US coast (mil ru)

Russia and China have deployed their naval forces to the coast of Alaska this week, marking the largest fleet in history to approach the shores of the United States, as The Wall Street Journal reports.

According to US officials quoted by the media, a total of 11 Russian and Chinese ships approached the Aleutian Islands, patrolling near Alaska without entering American territorial waters.

The US monitored the Russian and Chinese vessels with four American destroyers and P-8 Poseidon aircraft.

"This is unprecedented in history. Given the context of the war in Ukraine and the tension surrounding Taiwan, this move is highly provocative," said retired Navy Captain Brent Sadler.

A representative from the US Northern Command confirmed that Russia and China patrolled near Alaska's shores, but did not specify the exact number of ships. The patrol was not interpreted as a threat, the representative added.

Senator Dan Sullivan from Alaska remarked that the Russian-Chinese patrol served as a reminder that the US had entered a "new era of authoritarian aggression." The embassies of Russia and China did not respond to the media's inquiries.

US-China conflict

One of the main reasons for the conflict between China and the US is Taiwan. Beijing considers the island as a separatist province that will eventually come under its control again. However, Taiwan regards itself as an independent nation with its own economy and democratically elected leaders.

The US, in turn, provides assistance to Taiwan, escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing.

In June, China conducted a provocation in the Taiwan Strait, where a Chinese ship came dangerously close to an American destroyer, narrowly avoiding a collision.