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Russia attacks thermal power plant in Ukraine: 3 workers injured

Russia attacks thermal power plant in Ukraine: 3 workers injured Photo: Russia attacked a thermal power plant in Ukraine on June 20 (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

On the night of June 20, Russian troops again attacked the thermal power plant. Three workers were wounded, according to DTEK.

"Russians fired at one of DTEK's thermal power plants. Three of our colleagues were wounded. Doctors are providing all possible assistance," the statement says.

The plant's equipment was also seriously damaged.

"Power engineers are currently working to eliminate the consequences of the attack," DTEK adds.


Since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia attacked DTEK Energo's thermal power plants more than 180 times. During this period, 53 employees were injured and three power engineers were killed in the attacks.

Russian attacks on Ukraine's energy sector

This is the seventh massive Russian attack on Ukraine's energy sector. Russia started attacking in the spring, starting on March 22. On that day, all units of Burshtyn and Ladyzhyn thermal power plants were damaged.

The second Russian attack took place on March 29. Three thermal power plants in Ukraine were attacked at once.

The third Russian attack took place on April 11. During the massive Russian attack on Ukraine, the Trypillia thermal power plant in the Kyiv region was destroyed.

The fourth Russian attack took place on April 27. Then the Russian troops attacked four DTEK thermal power plants.

The fifth Russian attack on the Ukrainian energy sector took place on May 8. Then Russia struck Ukraine with more than 70 missiles and drones. Energy facilities in six Ukrainian regions came under Russian attack, and three thermal power plants sustained serious damage.

The sixth Russian shelling took place on June 1. Ukrainian energy facilities were damaged in five regions. The Russians shelled two thermal power plants and two hydroelectric power plants.