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Russia aims to split EU and NATO - Swedish Defense Minister

Russia aims to split EU and NATO - Swedish Defense Minister Photo: Swedish Defense Minister Paul Jonsson (Getty Images)

Russia is interested in splitting the European Union and NATO. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin may be realizing he is losing the war against Ukraine, according to Swedish Defense Minister Paul Johnson.

"I believe that the Kremlin and Putin himself are aware that they would lose this war. But I believe that Russia is very interested in dividing us politically, both within the EU and within NATO," he said.

The politician believes that Russia's attack on NATO territory "is not inevitable," but Moscow is willing to take significant political and military risks.

According to Johnson, to maintain peace, NATO should strengthen itself and focus on containment and defense. The Swedish Defense Minister argues that ensuring Europe's security requires increased investments in the armed forces.

NATO and Russia war risks

It is worth noting that both Ukraine and some Western countries anticipate a war between Russia and NATO. In Ukraine, there are concerns that Kremlin's future targets could include Poland or the Baltic countries.

Estonia's intelligence indicates that Russia is already preparing for the next war, which could occur within the next 10 years.

In Germany, it has been stated that Russia could potentially attack NATO as early as 2029.