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Rheinmetall confirms plans to supply Ukraine with Luna drone system

Rheinmetall confirms plans to supply Ukraine with Luna drone system Luna New Generation (Rheinmetall com)

Ukraine will receive the next-generation Luna aerial reconnaissance system from Germany throughout 2023, according to Rheinmetall.

Rheinmetall company has achieved another significant milestone in producing its Luna NG reconnaissance drone.

"The next-generation close-range aerial reconnaissance drones will now be deployed in Ukraine," the announcement states.

During the current year of 2023, the technological group from Dusseldorf will supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the aerial reconnaissance system on behalf of Germany.

The current order placed is a relatively small amount in the millions of euros. Thus, Rheinmetall is making another important contribution to enhancing the capabilities of the Ukrainian forces with advanced technologies.

What Rheinmetall says about Luna

The Luna NG system has already accumulated several thousand flight hours and was used by foreign customers.

The battlefield experience of the war in Ukraine shows the crucial role of real-time reconnaissance results in conducting operations. Luna NG was specifically developed for this purpose.

"It's one of the latest real-time unmanned aerial reconnaissance, classification, and object detection systems," the company stated.

Components of the unmanned system

The Luna NG unmanned aviation system consists of a ground control station with multiple aerial vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The system also includes a launch catapult, additional equipment for parachute landing, and rapid repair equipment.

All components of the system are loaded onto HX trucks with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles' variable body charging systems.

Transfer of weaponry to Ukraine

On July 25, Rheinmetall announced that Ukraine would receive 2 advanced Skynex air defense systems, including airburst ammunition, in the second half of 2023.

Additionally, the German weapon manufacturer acquired 50 Leopard 1 tanks from the Belgian company OIP Land Systems. Rheinmetall plans to refurbish them and send to Ukraine.

Previously, Reuters reported that Rheinmetall would supply Ukraine with the Luna drone system.