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Cutting-edge Skynex systems to arrive in Ukraine in 2023

Cutting-edge Skynex systems to arrive in Ukraine in 2023 Skynex air defense system (Photo: rheinmetall com)
Author: Daria Shekina

In the second half of 2023, Ukraine will receive two advanced Skynex air defense systems, according to the German arms concern Rheinmetall.

The defense concern has spoken about its deliveries of air defense systems to Ukraine. The success of the 35-mm anti-aircraft gun system Gepard in Ukraine emphasizes the effectiveness of cannon-based air defense, especially against cruise missiles and drones.

The concern also praised the modern Skynex system, which is also a cannon-based defense system.

More about Skynex

Skynex is an advanced air defense system developed by Rheinmetall. It is designed for short-range air defense operations, where guided missiles are less effective.

"Using programmable 35mm Ahead ammunition, developed by Rheinmetall precisely this purpose, is significantly less costly than comparable guided missile-based systems," the statement says.

It is also emphasized that it is impossible to influence or deflect the 35-mm projectiles with electronic countermeasures.

New deliveries of air defense systems

Rheinmetall announces that in the second half of 2023, Ukraine will receive two cutting-edge Skynex air defense systems, including airburst ammunition.

The Skynex systems will be mounted on new Rheinmetall HX 8x8 military trucks.

Skynex in Ukraine

Earlier, it was reported that Germany would send two short-range air defense systems, Skynex, to Ukraine.

The Rheinmetall concern took on the production of new Skynex air defense systems for our country. It was expected that Ukraine would receive two units of the air defense system no earlier than 2024.

At the end of April, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal announced that the short-range air defense systems Skynex were already on active duty in Ukraine.