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Revolutionary weather AI from Google: 10-day forecast in minute

Revolutionary weather AI from Google: 10-day forecast in minute Photo: Google teaches AI to generate 10-Day weather forecasts in minutes (Getty Images)

The company Google DeepMind has created a new meteorological model based on artificial intelligence. It can forecast the weather for the next 10 days down to the minute, writes Science.

The artificial intelligence meteorological model, GraphCast, utilizes weather data from the last four decades and has demonstrated high accuracy, surpassing traditional methods by 90%.

Using a machine learning architecture based on historical data from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), GraphCast can calculate the weather for the next 10 days in just one minute.

"During testing, GraphCast demonstrated better performance compared to the world-leading traditional system used by ECMWF. In the analysis of 1380 indicators (temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, humidity at different levels of the atmosphere, etc.), GraphCast outperformed the ECMWF system in 90% of cases," the study says.

However, it also has certain limitations: the model cannot provide detailed long-term forecasts or predict hurricanes, so it currently lags behind traditional technologies in these aspects.

The researchers do not consider GraphCast to be a complete replacement for traditional forecasting methods but believe in its potential in physical sciences and the ability to improve existing methods.

Google's AI innovations

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