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Ramstein-format is offered to be transferred under NATO control: Reason

Ramstein-format is offered to be transferred under NATO control: Reason Photo: Ramstein-format is offered to be transferred under NATO control (Getty Images)

The contact group on defense of Ukraine (in the Ramstein format) may be led by NATO instead of the United States. Such measures are being considered against the backdrop of the possible presidency of Donald Trump, informs Politico.

The agency, citing three European officials and one American official, reports that during the NATO Foreign Ministers' meeting in Brussels on April 3-4, the gradual transition of the Ramstein format under NATO control will be discussed.

One source from Politico clarified that the goal is to complete this process at the NATO leaders' summit in Washington in July.

A European official explained that such a step would allow other NATO countries to have more influence on the workings of the Contact Group in case of Trump's reelection.

According to the American official, discussions about transferring the group under NATO control are being held "at a very high level" in order to formalize European and Alliance support for Kyiv. This will make the Contact Group "more sustainable".

"Pulling this under NATO kind of isolates it from a Trump presidency, or even from a US that might get distracted by China and can’t keep it going or can’t get his own funding act together," said Jim Townsend, former Pentagon and NATO official.

What preceded

After another meeting in the Ramstein format on March 19, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was asked whether the allies were planning to change the format of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine.

In response, Austin stated that at this stage, this format is successful in providing Ukraine with what it needs. Therefore, according to him, for the foreseeable future, it will remain unchanged.