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Raid in Crimea: Peninsula within reach of Ukraine's Special Forces

Raid in Crimea: Peninsula within reach of Ukraine's Special Forces Photo: The Main Defense Intelligence conducted landing in Crimea as part of a special operation (Getty Images)

The Defense Intelligence of Ukraine conducted a special operation in Crimea. Ukrainian troops landing took place on the territory of the temporarily occupied peninsula, demonstrating that Crimea is within reach for such actions by our soldiers, say representatives of the Defense Intelligence Andrii Chernyak and Andrii Yusov in a comment to RBC-Ukraine.

According to Chernyak, the operation involved a battle with the use of aviation and naval assets.

"Today, the Defense Intelligence, in cooperation with the navy, carried out a special operation to land troops on the peninsula. The task was successfully completed, and the enemy suffered losses," Chernyak reported.

Yusov also mentioned that the operation took place in the territory of Cape Tarkhankut, in the populated areas of Mayak and Olenivka.

"There are no losses among our personnel. Meanwhile, the losses incurred by the enemy in terms of personnel and equipment are currently being clarified. The planned work of Ukrainian Security and Defense Forces continues," Yusov stated.

He clarified that Ukrainian military personnel have already returned after completing their mission.

"This operation was of a raid nature. It demonstrated that the temporarily occupied peninsula is not only within the reach of Ukrainian Security and Defense Forces' strike assets but also within the reach of operations by Ukrainian defenders," Yusov added.

Ukrainian intelligence landing and strikes in Crimea

Reports of Ukrainian intelligence landing in Crimea first appeared in the media today.

Around 5 a.m., explosions were heard near the populated area of Mayak on Cape Tarkhankut. Later, it became known that a battle had taken place as part of the intelligence special operation involving naval assets and aviation.

On the other hand, Russian sources began making up their own version. They claimed the existence of a so-called "Ukrainian DRG" (diversionary reconnaissance group), supposedly spotted in the Olenivka village in Crimea and "eliminated."

It's important to note that this is the same cape where the occupiers' S-400 air defense system was destroyed yesterday.