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Putin to move on to Poland and Belarus after Ukraine - Biden

Putin to move on to Poland and Belarus after Ukraine - Biden President of the US, Joe Biden (photo: Getty Images)

President of the US Joe Biden, during debates with presidential candidate Donald Trump, stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not stop at Ukraine. According to Biden, Poland and Belarus will be next, report Sky News and CNN.

When asked about Trump's comments regarding Russia's war against Ukraine, President Biden responded, "I've never heard so much malarkey in my life."

Trump specifically claimed that "if we had a real president, a president that knew that was respected by Putin, he would have never invaded Ukraine."

He also reiterated his promise to end the war if re-elected but provided no specific details on how he plans to achieve this.

Biden warned that if Putin wins the war against Ukraine, there is a risk he will move on to other countries like Poland and Belarus.

During the debates, Trump called Putin's conditions for ending the war against Ukraine unacceptable.

Putin demanded Ukraine to abandon four regions and NATO membership in exchange for Russia's cessation of hostilities.