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Putin prepares for long-term confrontation with West, Lithuania's intelligence says

Putin prepares for long-term confrontation with West, Lithuania's intelligence says The head of the Department of State Security of Lithuania, Darius Jauniskis (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The goal of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is not only the defeat of Ukraine but also a long-term confrontation with the West, says Darius Jauniskis, the head of the Department of State Security of Lithuania.

Today, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda convened a meeting of the State Defense Council, where intelligence chiefs presented their assessments regarding threats to Lithuania and the region in the short and medium term.

After the meeting, Darius Jauniskis evaluated the situation during a press conference.

Putin's plans for Ukraine

According to him, Russia's war against Ukraine will remain the most significant factor shaping the security agenda in the region.

Jauniskis adds that it is unlikely that Russian aggression, its goals, and strategies will change this year; the situation will probably remain the same as last year.

"Of course, we see no prerequisites for freezing the conflict or any desire on Putin's part, his administration, in this direction," says the head of Lithuania's State Security Department.

He also emphasizes that Putin's goal is the defeat of Ukraine, "denazification," and "demilitarization," control over occupied territories, but not only that.

Kremlin preparing for long-term confrontation with the West

According to the head of the State Security Department, Russia is preparing for a long-term confrontation with the West, and it has a wide range of tools at its disposal.

Jauniskis does not exclude that the Kremlin will use these tools to reduce assistance to Ukraine, employ informational and cyber operations, nuclear blackmail, and incidents on the territories of NATO countries are not excluded.

Kaliningrad - Russia's weak spot

"Of course, illegal migration near the eastern borders of NATO remains a potential lever of pressure that both Russia and Belarus can use," comments the head of the intelligence agency.

He also highlights the possibility of more active pressure from the Kremlin on issues related to the Kaliningrad region, as they consider Kaliningrad their weak spot.

"And, of course, we can assume possible aggressive rhetoric, precisely because of the situation with the Kaliningrad region," says Jauniskis.

He also believes that Russia, among other things, will try to instigate and involve the global anti-Western sentiment in the South and form a coalition. However, according to the head of the intelligence agency, not only Russia but also the conflict in the Central East negatively affects global security in Lithuania.

Possible war between Russia and NATO countries

In recent weeks, more and more European leaders have been speaking about the growing threat of Russia's attack on NATO countries.

The Admiral of the North Atlantic Alliance, after a two-day meeting of the military committee in Brussels, advised people to prepare for war and gave recommendations.

The German media outlet Bild wrote that the Bundeswehr was preparing for a hybrid Russian attack on the eastern flank of the Alliance. It is noted that a military conflict may occur as early as February this year.

The Chief of Defence of the Norwegian Armed Forces, Eirik Kristoffersen, called on NATO members to increase their military potential to be ready for war with Russia.