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Chief of Norwegian Army called on NATO to prepare for Russian attack

Chief of Norwegian Army called on NATO to prepare for Russian attack Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Norway, Eirik Kristoffersen (photo: Getty Images)

Chief of the Armed Forces of Norway, Eirik Kristoffersen, has called on NATO members to increase their military capabilities to be prepared for a war with Russia, according to Daglabet.

Kristoffersen stated that there was a window that might last one, two, or three years when there was a need to invest even more in reliable defense. He emphasized the importance of filling NATO plans with content and providing the necessary capabilities.

The Chief of the Norwegian Armed Forces noted that Russia has significantly increased its own military production by transitioning its military-industrial complex to round-the-clock operations. In addition, the Kremlin is working with Iran and North Korea to expand its arsenal.

According to him, Russia is arming faster than NATO expected. He believes that Alliance members should pay particular attention to strengthening air defense and increasing the production of long-range missiles and spare parts for military equipment.

The General of the Norwegian Armed Forces expressed uncertainty about the future of Russia in three years, emphasizing the importance of confronting an uncertain and unpredictable world with strong defense. He underscored the need to use the time wisely in light of these uncertainties.

What preceded this

In recent weeks, an increasing number of European leaders have been stating the growing threat of a Russian attack on NATO countries.

After a two-day meeting of the military committee in Brussels, the Admiral of NATO advised people to prepare for war and provided recommendations.

The German publication Bild reported that the Bundeswehr is preparing for a hybrid Russian attack on the eastern flank of the Alliance. It is noted that a military conflict could occur as early as February of this year.

According to media reports, NATO is planning to conduct large-scale exercises in February involving approximately 90,000 military personnel to deter aggression from Russia.