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Production of Taurus missiles suspended due to lack of orders

Production of Taurus missiles suspended due to lack of orders Production of the Taurus missile is suspended (photo: Getty Images)

Defense company MBDA has suspended the production of Taurus missiles. The manufacturer insists on the German government accelerating decisions on orders for the industry, according to Spiegel.

The head of the German subsidiary, Thomas Gottschlich, noted that Taurus missiles will no longer be produced, as the defense industry is not allowed to manufacture stocks without orders. The joint venture Airbus, BAE Systems, and Leonardo, among others, is the manufacturer of the Taurus cruise missile and Patriot air defense missiles.

"It is a challenge for our industry when production is interrupted, as in the case of Taurus. In such cases, our suppliers, who are often small and medium-sized companies, stop production," he said.

Gottschlich also added that with new orders, suppliers will have to first reorient themselves and secure themselves, for example, with raw materials. Given the high demand worldwide, there are bottlenecks, especially regarding raw materials for explosives.

"The defense industry requires a basic load of production. This is enough to make sense to maintain supply chains, maintain test equipment at a modern level, and maintain employee competence," he said.

As a positive example, Gottschlich cited orders from several countries for 1000 Patriot missiles, which MBDA will produce in Schrobenhausen in cooperation with its American partner Raytheon. "We will deliver the first Patriot missiles within three years," he said.

Regarding the likelihood of Germany supplying Taurus missiles to Ukraine, Gottschlich called it a political decision. According to him, these missiles have a significant deterrent effect with a flight range of over 500 kilometers.

Ukraine needs something similar to deal with logistical chains and strategic targets.

"At the moment, Ukraine covers its ability to counter other types of weapons. However, from the Ukrainian point of view, Taurus would be an important additional component in the current situation," said the head of MBDA.

Taurus for Ukraine

Ukraine has been asking Germany since last year to start supplying long-range Taurus missiles capable of destroying targets up to 500 kilometers away.

One of the main opponents of transferring this weapon to Kyiv is the Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz. He stated that transferring the missiles could lead to strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Russian territory and also increase the likelihood of war between Russia and NATO.

In early March, it was reported that the opposition faction CDU/CSU wanted to reintroduce a resolution to the Bundestag calling on the government to transfer long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

The UK is ready to help Germany overcome differences and provide Ukraine with long-range Taurus missiles. In particular, it is not excluded that Germany may transfer Taurus missiles to the UK, which, in turn, will supply Ukraine with a new batch of Storm Shadow long-range missiles.

Meanwhile, the German government has decided to put in order all long-range Taurus missiles in service with the Bundeswehr.