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Powerful explosions heard in occupied Feodosia

Powerful explosions heard in occupied Feodosia A series of explosions heard in the occupied Feodosia (photo: Getty Images)

Powerful explosions have been reported in the city of Feodosia in the eastern part of the temporarily occupied Crimea, according to Russian media.

"A powerful bang in the sky over Feodosia, then a second one, alarms are sounding on Crimea Street," the report said.

Within a few minutes, the channel reported at least three more explosions.

According to the Telegram channel SHOT, air defense systems are operating in the city.

"Two powerful bangs were heard in the sky over the city at the beginning of the third hour of the night. After some time, several more explosions were heard. Residents of several streets in the city report that the windows in their homes shook, and car alarms went off in the yards," the message said.

Situation in the Crimea

On March 1, explosions were reported in the temporarily occupied city of Sevastopol. The city sounded an air alarm. Eyewitnesses reported the arrival of military aircraft at the military base in the Gvardeyske of the Simferopol district. There were also reports of hits in Sevastopol and the Saksky district.

Earlier, the head of the Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, Major General, Kyrylo Budanov, announced new surprises in Crimea and advised against using the Kerch Strait Bridge.