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Power outages to possibly happen in Ukraine this summer

Power outages to possibly happen in Ukraine this summer Power outages in Ukraine are possible in summer (Getty Images)

Electricity shortages in Ukraine are expected to persist due to significant damages inflicted by recent Russian strikes, potentially leading to power outages even during the summer months, according to RBC-Ukraine's report "Minus nuclear plant capacity in two weeks: What awaits Ukraine over Russian energy strikes."

Outages could occur from May to August, extending beyond regions already affected in the past two weeks.

"Restrictions on electricity consumption may be imposed starting in May not only in the problematic regions that exist today," said a source familiar with crisis management measures in the energy sector.

During summer, there will be a shortfall in generation capacity as nuclear reactors will require maintenance, and the remaining thermal generation won't suffice to compensate for the loss.

"But... The main thing is to use this time to prepare for the winter period, which will be more critical," said the source.

Energy restoration efforts

According to RBC-Ukraine, Ukraine plans to propose participation in two parallel plans to international partners, including G7 countries, in the near future.

Plan A involves restoring damaged energy facilities, coupled with enhancing the country's civil defense capabilities.

Plan B entails the construction of low-capacity power stations of any type, not limited to gas turbine installations.

Earlier, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal stated that following Russia's extensive strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, the priority is to minimize risks and ensure the reliability of energy supply. Repairs, decentralization of generation, and reinforcement of civil defense are all part of the plan.