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Polish farmers announce complete blockade of Ukraine border

Polish farmers announce complete blockade of Ukraine border Photo: Polish farmers announced a complete blockade of the border with Ukraine (Getty Images)

Polish farmers announced that on Tuesday, February 20, they will block all border checkpoints with Ukraine. It is also about the entrances to railway stations and seaports, writes RMF24.

The border will be blocked as part of the strike announced by the Polish trade union Solidarity. It is stated that farmers are not only against the alleged influx of cheap Ukrainian products but also against some EU environmental protection standards.

"Therefore, on February 20, as part of the 30-day general farmers' strike, we announce that all protest actions will be focused on the complete blockade of all border crossings between Poland and Ukraine and on-site protests," the union said in a statement.

Today Polish farmers started blocking traffic at the Korczowa-Krakivets checkpoint.

Around 2:00 p.m., they started a protest near the Korchova 2 checkpoint, which is opposite the Ukrainian Krakivets.

Blockade of the Ukrainian border

On November 6 last year, Polish carriers started strikes at the border with Ukraine. Polish protesters demanded the return of the pass system for Ukrainian carriers.

In January, the Polish government signed an agreement with carriers to unblock the border with Ukraine. As part of the agreement, the parties agreed to suspend protests at the entrances to three checkpoints on the border until March 1.

At the end of January, the European Commission recommended extending the abolition of import duties for agricultural goods from Ukraine for 2024. Polish farmers immediately declared that they did not support this decision.