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Poland to chair Three Seas Initiative next yead - Duda

Poland to chair Three Seas Initiative next yead - Duda Andrzej Duda, President of Poland (photo:

President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, has stated that Warsaw is set to take over the presidency of the Three Seas Initiative from Budapest next year, according to the press service of the Polish president.

"As President Gitanas Nauseda stated today, our host of this wonderful Three Seas Initiative Summit, next year Poland will have the honour and pleasure of hosting and chairing the Three Seas Initiative. I want to once again loudly and publicly thank our Hungarian friends for this, I want to thank the President of Hungary, who made this gesture towards Poland, and towards me, for rescheduling our previously planned turn next year to give us this opportunity to lead," Duda said.

He noted that the country's right to lead this initiative in 2025 will coincide with the last year of his term as the head of the Polish state.

"I am particularly grateful that next year will be practically the last period of my presidential service, the end of my second term. And the fact that I will be able to host the Three Seas Initiative Summit in 2025 - to host and organize it in Poland - has special, as well as personal significance for me," Duda said at a final press conference in Vilnius after the 9th summit.

The Polish president also expressed hope that next year there will be no large-scale military aggression by Russia against Ukraine, but rather peace.

Addressing his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Duda said, "I also believe, Volodymyr, that you will be able to come in a suit - as the president of a country that is not at war, as the president of a country that has restored stability, that has restored calm."

Three Seas Initiative Summit is on April 11

It was reported earlier that yesterday President Volodymyr Zelenskyy arrived in Lithuania to participate in the Three Seas Initiative Summit and hold talks with the heads of partner states. He met with the presidents of Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania. In particular, with Latvian leader Egils Levits, the head of state signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of security and long-term support.

It should be noted that speaking at a press conference following the Three Seas Initiative Summit, Zelenskyy called on partners to fulfil their promises to support Ukraine to thwart the plans of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

It was also reported that during the event, Polish President Duda stated that there were Soviet anti-aircraft missiles in Polish warehouses that could be transferred to Ukraine. He promised to discuss this issue with the Polish Minister of Defense upon returning to Warsaw from the Three Seas Initiative Summit.