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Poland may terminate some international agreements: Details

Poland may terminate some international agreements: Details Poland may terminate some international agreements (photo: Getty Images)

The new government of Poland may declare invalid a series of international agreements and contracts for the supply of weapons signed by the previous government. In particular, a number of agreements with South Korea are under threat, according to Reuters.

In recent years, Warsaw has signed multi-billion-dollar arms procurement deals with South Korea as part of efforts to strengthen its armed forces in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

However, in November, it was reported that Seoul is concerned about the change in government and the lack of funds, and that these factors could jeopardize some agreements.

Against this background, the South Korean government held a meeting with major local banks that could provide Poland with loans for arms purchases totaling $22 billion.

"Agreements signed by the interim PiS government may be invalidated. After Oct. 15, PiS should have limited itself to administering the state and not spending public money" said Parliament Speaker Shimon Holovnia.

The candidate for the Minister of Defense of Poland, Vladyslav Kosyniak-Kamysz, also announced that agreements signed by the government after October 15 would be subject to 'analysis and evaluation.' According to him, it is important to direct investments into the Polish defense industry.

The current Minister of Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, stated that the review of contracts mentioned by Kosyniak-Kamysz is equivalent to announcing their termination.

"They will populistically say that we will replace equipment from Korea with equipment from the Polish arms industry, and we will end up with nothing," he said.

New government of Poland

The parliamentary elections in Poland took place on October 15, and the results determined 460 members of the Sejm. The opposition won the majority: the Civic Platform led by former President of the European Council Donald Tusk, the Third Way alliance, and the Left Party. In November, pro-European parties in Poland reached an agreement to form a coalition.

The main candidate for prime minister, Donald Tusk, expects that the vote for the opposition government will also take place on December 11, and on December 13, he will be sworn in.

Later, it became known that today, on December 11, the Polish Sejm will vote on a vote of confidence in the government and choose a new prime minister for the country.