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Plane crashes on I-26 in Asheville, NC, 2 hospitalized

Plane crashes on I-26 in Asheville, NC, 2 hospitalized Plane crashes on I-26 in Asheville (Getty Images)

A Diamond DA-40 airplane performed an emergency landing on Interstate 26 in Asheville, North Carolina, around 8:15 pm on Thursday, erupting in flames and resulting in two passengers being hospitalized, Daily Mail reports.

The single-engine aircraft had reported issues and sought assistance before the incident, as confirmed by an airport spokesperson.

Plane crashes on I-26 in Asheville, NC, 2 hospitalized

Plane crash (Daily Mail)

The two people were transported to the local hospital.

The forced landing caused a significant disruption to traffic on the highway, prompting the closure of westbound lanes indefinitely. According to WSOC-TV, the interstate will be reopened by 7 a.m. Friday, with a detour for drivers being implemented.

Emergency response teams, including those from Ashville Regional Airport, Skyland Fire and Rescue, North Carolina State Highway Patrol, Ashville Police Department, and Buncombe County Sheriff's Office, arrived at the scene.

The situation led to power surges and outages in nearby buildings and homes.

Videos captured by onlookers show the airplane ruined in flames, with the fire eventually rendering the aircraft unrecognizable and causing a wing to detach.

Despite the intense visuals of the incident, a Buncombe County Emergency Management Division supervisor stated "There does not appear to be any life-threatening injuries."

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