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Pipeline explosion halts tanker loading in Russian Rostov region

Pipeline explosion halts tanker loading in Russian Rostov region Photo: "Sea Port of Azov" (illustration/

In the Rostov region (Russia), a pipeline explosion occurred, leading to the suspension of tanker loading with petroleum products, reports the Main Intelligence Directorate.

"On the night of April 6, 2024, in the vicinity of the settlement of Azov (Rostov region), a pipeline explosion occurred, disrupting the transfer of petroleum products from a local oil depot to tankers in the port area of the Azov Sea port," the statement said.

Currently, according to intelligence reports, the loading of tankers with petroleum products has been suspended indefinitely.

"The facility was used by the aggressor state for military purposes, to support the conduct of genocidal warfare against Ukraine," added the intelligence.

Attacks on oil facilities in Russia

On April 2, Russian media reported that drones had attacked enterprises in Tatarstan for the first time. Allegedly, enterprises in Yelabuga and Nizhnekamsk were hit. It was claimed that there were casualties. Later, RBC-Ukraine learned that the target of the attack in Russian Tatarstan, located over 1000 km from Ukraine, was the Shahed assembly plant. This was an operation conducted by the intelligence.

In recent weeks, Ukrainian defense forces have successfully attacked oil refineries in Russia. The Insider reported that in 2024, there were 15 drone attacks on 13 oil refineries in nine regions of the Russian Federation. Significant damage was reported at eight facilities.