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Pentagon warns Congress of consequences over failed vote on Ukraine aid

Pentagon warns Congress of consequences over failed vote on Ukraine aid Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh (Photo: flickr)
Author: Daria Shekina

China closely monitors the situation in the United States regarding the vote on aid to Ukraine. If Congress further delays, it will strengthen Beijing's readiness for aggressive provocations in the Indo-Pacific region, says the deputy Pentagon press secretary, Sabrina Singh.

"China is watching how we support Ukraine in the face of Russia's overt aggression. If we falter, the PRC will be emboldened as well to take more provocative actions in the Indo-Pacific," she states.

According to her, if Washington stops supporting Kyiv, the consequences need to be clearly understood.

"(Russian dictator, - Ed.) Putin is not going to stop in his quest for power and control beyond Ukraine's borders toward NATO. If Putin attacks a NATO ally, we will find ourselves in direct conflict as we are committed to defending every inch of NATO," Singh emphasizes.

She adds that the United States can act responsibly and pay now to help Ukraine, or pay a much higher price later to counter more serious consequences.

Approval of aid to Ukraine by the U.S

Last fall, U.S. President Joe Biden requested over $100 billion from Congress for national security needs. In particular, over $60 billion was proposed for funding aid to Ukraine.

Republicans refused to support such an initiative. They demanded that the package include tougher measures on immigration policy.

After that, representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties began negotiations to find a compromise. But so far, this has not been successful.

On February 6, American President Biden urged Congress to urgently support his request. After this, it became known that Republicans in the Senate began planning to consider aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan without tying it to border protection with Mexico.