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Paveway IV: What makes British guided bombs important for Ukraine to obtain

Paveway IV: What makes British guided bombs important for Ukraine to obtain Paveway IV bomb (photo: Wikipedia)

The United Kingdom intends to transfer Paveway IV aviation bombs to Ukraine, as reported by BBC journalist Jonathan Beale.

These bombs are precision-guided munitions designed to enhance the capability of Ukrainian forces in combating Russian troops. You can find more details about them in the material by RBC-Ukraine below.

During the preparation of the material, data from open sources were utilized, alongside an exclusive commentary from military expert Pavlo Narozhnyy.

British guided air bombs (GABs)

Britain has approved a record military aid package for Ukraine worth $617 million. Among other items, the list includes 1,600 anti-aircraft missiles and Storm Shadow cruise missiles. Additionally, according to journalist Jonathan Bily, Britain intends to supply the Ukrainian army with Paveway IV aviation bombs, which are precision-guided.

Paveway IV is a product of the British company Raytheon UK. The bombs were introduced into the British Army's arsenal in 2008. They were first exported to Saudi Arabia for £150 million.

Paveway IV is a kit installed on a 241-kilogram Mark 82 bomb, transforming it into a precision weapon. The kit includes a combined satellite and laser guidance system, enabling both contact and delayed detonation, as well as airburst capabilities.

Paveway IV. Чим важливі британські КАБи, які може отримати Україна

Paveway IV (Photo: Getty Images)

Benefit for the front

Due to the absence of wings, this bomb is capable of covering a relatively short distance compared to JDAM or AASM. According to publicly available data, the bomb can strike targets at a distance of about 30 km. However, the distance depends on the altitude, and due to the significant amount of enemy air defense systems on the front line, attacking at a shorter distance is challenging. It is also emphasized that the Paveway IV is a precise munition, with a circular error probability not exceeding 15 meters in any weather conditions at any time of day.

It is currently unknown what platforms will be used as carriers for the bombs if the Ukrainian Air Force does indeed receive them. According to military expert Pavlo Narozhnyy, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have attack aircraft, bombers, and fighters to which Paveway IV can be attached.

"We have carriers for them. We drop guided aviation bombs from Soviet aircraft – Su-24, Su-25, Su-27. In some cases, it can even be the MiG-29," Narozhnyy noted.

On April 10, Ukraine and Great Britain signed a framework agreement on cooperation in the defense materials sphere. In addition to military assistance, Great Britain also provides humanitarian support to Ukraine.