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Orban wants to convince Trump to come to EU summit in November - Media

Orban wants to convince Trump to come to EU summit in November - Media Photo: Former US President Donald Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants former US President Donald Trump to take part in an informal EU summit which will be held in Budapest on November 7-8, according to VSquare.

Citing numerous sources in the Hungarian government, the agency writes that Orban expects Trump to attend the European Political Community summit, which will also take place on November 7-8.

An unnamed diplomat from an EU country told reporters that Orban could have extended an invitation to Trump during their meeting in Florida in March.

VSquare suggests that Trump's physical presence at the summit is almost impossible for two reasons: he does not like long trips and on November 5, the US presidential elections, in which he is participating, will be held. It is more likely that the former US president will send a short video message or speak online.

On November 7-8, the results of the US presidential elections will most likely be known, so Trump will either be the defeated candidate or the elected president.

However, the current US President, Joe Biden, will hold this position at least until January 2025. Therefore, even Trump's virtual participation in the EU summit would be "unprecedented and extremely disruptive, challenge established diplomatic norms". It would also create tension both within the EU and in the Biden administration.

The meeting between Orban and Trump

In early March, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited the United States to meet with former US President Donald Trump. The head of the Hungarian government urged his interlocutor to "come back and bring peace."

Following the meeting, Orban noted that Trump, if he wins the elections, does not plan to continue helping Ukraine in the war with Russia.