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Orban to visit Putin in Moscow after his visit to Kyiv - Media

Orban to visit Putin in Moscow after his visit to Kyiv - Media Photo: Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will go to Moscow tomorrow, July 5, to meet with Vladimir Putin. Only recently, he paid a visit to Kyiv, according to Radio Liberty.

According to a source in the Hungarian government, Orban will also be accompanied by Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto who has already visited Russia five times since the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine.

The press service of the Hungarian Prime Minister has not yet responded to a request for comment from Radio Liberty.

Orban's visit to Kyiv

Yesterday, July 2, Orban came to Kyiv for the first time since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine. His visit was related to Budapest's current presidency of the European Union.

During his meeting with Zelenskyy, they discussed a global agreement on cooperation between the two countries. Orban proposed to the Ukrainian President a ceasefire before starting peace talks with Russia.

According to Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Ihor Zhovkva, Hungary is not the only country to make such a proposal. Zelenskyy listened to Orban but presented his own point of view in response.