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Oil depot hit in Kharkiv: Threat remains, authorities warn

Oil depot hit in Kharkiv: Threat remains, authorities warn Photo: an oil depot, not a gas station, was hit in Kharkiv (

Occupiers attacked an oil depot in Kharkiv with drones overnight on February 10. The massive fire has been localized, but the threat still remains, reports Oleh Syniehubov, the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration.

He noted that enemy drones struck the fuel depot. At least 10 drones were launched from enemy territory, eight were shot down, and two hit the oil depot.

"During the strike, there was a fuel leak. It ignited, engulfing four streets. People practically had no chance or time to physically leave their homes," said the official.

Syniehubov added that due to the massive fire, 50 people were evacuated, and four were practically rescued from the fire, including a child.

The fire destroyed 15 buildings, claiming the lives of seven people, including three children. The body of an infant is still being searched for. A family of five perished in one of the buildings.

"The risk of another fuel leak remains. One tank is still completely full. Our State Emergency Service units have localized the fire, but the danger persists. The site is secured, and if necessary, we will expand the evacuation and resettlement area," said Syniehubov.

What is known about the shelling of Kharkiv

On the night of February 10, Russian occupiers attacked Kharkiv with kamikaze drones. The city mayor, Ihor Terekhov, stated that enemy drones hit a gas station, but it is known that an oil depot was targeted.

The shelling resulted in a fuel leak, leading to a powerful fire that engulfed private residential buildings. Approximately 15 houses were destroyed.

It is reported that seven people died as a result of the attack. Five of them were from one family, including three children.

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