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North Korea sends Russia millions of shells, South Korea says

North Korea sends Russia millions of shells, South Korea says Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un (Photo: kremlin ru)
Author: Daria Shekina

North Korea has transferred several million artillery rounds to Russia, with over six thousand containers of ammunition sent in total, according to South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik.

He stated that among the 6,700 containers sent from North Korea to Russia, there could be over 3 million 152-millimeter shells and 500,000 122-millimeter shells.

"It could possibly be a mix of the two, and you can say that at least several million shells have been sent," the minister clarified.

According to him, hundreds of North Korean factories producing ammunition were operating at about 30% of their capacity due to a lack of raw materials and electricity.

However, as the Defense Minister added, the factories producing shells for Russia were operating at full capacity.

Russia's assistance from North Korea

North Korea is an ally of Russia in the war against Ukraine.

Recently, the US State Department announced that since September 2023, North Korea had supplied Russia with over ten thousand containers containing ammunition or materials related to ammunition.

Also, earlier this year, it became known that Russia received ballistic missiles from North Korea. The occupiers are already using them to strike Ukrainian territory.

As of February 16, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin stated that Russians had deployed at least 24 North Korean ballistic missiles.